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Qualia Immune – 20 Capsules

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A Smarter Immune System: Qualia Immune trains immune system intelligence so that it responds to challenges better by using rare, premium, and potent ingredients. When your immune system is smarter you feel more resilient and more healthy.

How Does Qualia Immune Support the Immune System?

Qualia Immine challenges the immune system in a way that would
result in something akin to general fitness with exercise. This is part of
the reason why there is such a range of ingredients from differing cat-
egories—Polyphenols, mushrooms, superfood extracts, beta-glucans,
probiotics, herbal immune tonics, algae extracts, trace minerals, vita-
min D, and immune cell antioxidants, etc. In a sense, we wanted to be
giving the immune system the equivalent of a crossfit workout.

How It Works:

  • Supports Immune cell self-renewal with 6 different compounds.
  • Ingredient synergies support a youthful immune system countering
  • Contains adaptogens and other compounds that enhance immune
    recovery functions.
  • Supports immune cell receptors, including but not limited to NKG2D.
  • Immune cells that can sense their environment better will be able to
    respond to more subtle cues early on and solve problems when they
    are more manageable.
  • Promotes immune tolerance, helping the system be more balanced
    and less over-reactive.
  • Prepares the immune system in advance of challenges so that when
    you need it to perform intelligently, it can do so.

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