Medispa & Beauty Clinic in Eatons Hill Village

Skin Management Club is the Eatons Hill cosmetic clinic medispa and beauty clinic offering anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, deluxe pampering facials and professional skin treatments to correct specific skin concerns. We also provide superior laser hair removal with melanometer technology plus an extensive range of beauty treatments, brows and lash services, including permanent makeup brow tattooing. Our team are here to serve and love making your visit to Skin Management Club an unforgettable experience.

Bookings can be made using the booking buttons next to each of our services. We are here to help so dont be afraid to reach out to us via our online chat bubble, email phone or social media.

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Cosmetic Clinic

Our skilled team are passionate about giving you personally tailored and holistic anti-ageing rejuvenation. Our cosmetic clinic treatments offer the latest non-surgical anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle enhancements that provide the most natural-looking outcome. No matter the aesthetic you require, Skin Management Club is on team "You".

Facials & Treatments

Our facials are a complete treatment, relaxing and nourishing to restore your skin health and vitality. We have a wide variety of facials to suit your every need from relaxation and pampering to remediation of specific skin concerns. The holistic Skin Management Club approach will leave your skin rejuvenated and balanced.

Skin Concerns

We want your skin to be balanced, radiant and glowing all year round. Whether you are trying to correct enlarged pores, banish blemishes, acne or need a remedy for redness and pigmentation concerns we have you covered with advice, helpful corrective treatments and scientifically proven products to bring your skin vitality and balance.

Hair Removal

Our laser treatments are performed using medical grade laser technology, our machine is a fully customisable powerhouse providing a versatile range of treatments. we perform laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation, superficial pigment adjustment, acne scarring and mild redness flushing treatments. Offering fast, effective, painless treatments suitable for all skin types.

Brow & Lash

Your brows and lashes are sitting pretty with our range of brow & lash treatments. For your brows we provide brow waxing, brow sculpting, eyebrow lamination and tinting. For your lashes, we offer luscious lash extensions and glamorous lash lifts, lash tints, including eyelash lift and tint combinations.

Brow Tattoo

Whether you're looking for ombré, microbladed brows, or a combination ombré brow and feathered brows, it's all here at Skin Management Club. Microblade Feathering produces a stunning look with a natural appearance. Ombré Powdering, commonly called powdered brows or shaded brows, is the perfect semi-permanent cosmetic brow tattoo for people with lighter, thin and partial eyebrows.

Skin Management Club : Medik8

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At Skin Management Club, we guarantee the lowest prices on our range of stocked products.

Skin Management Club stock the complete range of Medik8 skincare and a variety of Mesoestetic products and Satori Minerals. Not to mention our luxurious Salt By Hendrix treats; and helpful range of Neurohacker Collective nootropics for keeping your mind sharp and immune system strong.

Our new online shopping experience is quickly approaching completion. If you'd like to see some of what's in store, take a look at our Medik8 range, with more of our products arriving online very soon! If there's something you need in the meantime visit us in-store and phone orders are always welcome.

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Medik8 Product Showcase

Medik8 - Copper PCA Peptides
Copper PCA Peptides
Medik8 - Mutiny
Medik8 - Press & Glow™
Press & Glow™
Medik8 - Retinol 10TR Intense™
Retinol 10TR Intense™
Medik8 - Sleep Glycolic™
Sleep Glycolic™
Medik8 - Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit™
Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit™

Which products are right for your skin?

60% of the population consider themselves as having sensitive skin, however for many this is not the case. The majority of people who class themselves as having sensitive skin actually have sensitised skin, an irritating skin condition that has developed over time due to environmental factors, lifestyle choices and the wrong skincare products or regime.

If you are suffering from sensitised skin, keep your skincare routine simple and eliminate anything that is causing irritation. Rehydrating your skin and repairing your natural barrier is essential when treating sensitised skin.

Our range of skin treatments is fully customisable to suit your skin, whether sensitised or sensitive; have a consultation and determine the best treatment for your skin. Our consultations are complimentary and we are always looking forward to help.