Cosmetic Brow Tattoo Ombré & Microbladed Eyebrows

Whether you're looking for ombré brows, microbladed brows, or a combination ombré and feathered eyebrows, a cosmetic tattoo consultation is the best place to start if you're planning to tattoo your brow permanently.

Free Brow Tattoo Consulation

Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation

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Whether you're looking for ombré, microbladed brows, or a combination ombré brow and feathered brows, a cosmetic tattoo consultation is the best place to start if you're planning to tattoo your brow permanently.

Cosmetic Tattoo Styles for Eyebrows

Microblade Feather Brows

Per Appointment
$ 439.00
Microblade Feathering produces a stunning look with a natural appearance. Miocroblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure used to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows by forming hair-like strokes that simulate natural hair growth. Small strokes are made in the top layers of skin, with a manual tool and pigment designed to match your skin type and natural hair colour.

Ombré Powder Brows

Per Appointment
$ 449.00
Ombré Powdering, commonly called powdered brows or shaded brows, is the perfect semi-permanent cosmetic brow tattoo for people with lighter, thin and partial eyebrows.

The soft ombré look begins lighter at the front and darker towards the tail of your eyebrows.

Combination Feathered Ombré Brows

Per Appointment
$ 459.00
A combination of microblade feathering at the start with the soft shading of ombré brows towards the tail makes an excellent cosmetic tattoo solution for clients looking for brow density and the naturally stunning look achieved by delicately microblading your brows.

Post-Treatment Cosmetic Tattoo Visits

Perfection Visit (6-8 weeks)

Per Appointment
$ 179.00
Were you looking to perfect your eyebrows? Go for perfection six to eight weeks after your initial microbladed brows or ombré brows tattooing visit.

Tattoo Colour Boost (12-24 months)

Per Appointment
$ 389.00
If you've had cosmetic tattoo eyebrows in the past 12 to 24 months, come and see us at Eatons Hill, Brisbane, for a tattoo colour boost that will return your brow to its former glory.

What are Ombré Brows?

Ombré Powdered Brows are created using a tattoo machine to inject tiny pigment dots in your skin's top layers. This soft layering gradually shades the pigment to define your brows. It's similar to filling-in with eyebrow powder and is visible amidst your existing eyebrow hair to create balance, improving your brow thickness, shape and arch.