Skin Lesion Removal
Skin Tags, Dilated Capillaries, Keratosis

Be Gone without a scar!

At Skin Management Club, our highly trained therapists can remove skin tags and lesions from your face, neck and body using a Radio Frequency (RF) system that protects and seals the skin surface as the lesion is being removed. Our procedure causes minimal discomfort and will cause little to no scarring. Our technique is helpful for skin tags and a wide variety of raised lesions and skin concerns.

We believe in the value of consultations, thats why you will receive a complimentary skin consultation before starting your skin journey with us. We will assess your skin lesions and tailor a personalised lesion removal treatment plan for you.

Is lesion removal the right treatment for your specific skin concern?

Lesion Removal Consultation

Free of charge
Skin Management Club can remove a wide range of skin lesions and superficial capillaries. Our non-invasive, radio and high-frequency equipment can vaporise lesions before your eyes without burning or damaging the surrounding skin.

Lesion removal treatments
For the treatment of Skin Tags, Dilated capillaries & Keratosis plus a wide variety skin lesions: Milia, cholesterol deposits, fibroma, inflamed pimples, cherry angiomas, clogged pores, spider naevi, sebaceous hyperplasia and sebaceous cysts

Skin Tags Removal

Treat skin tags, cholesterol deposits, fibroma.

Cherry Angiomas Removal

Treat small cherry angioma, sebaceous hyperplasia and sebaceous cysts.

Dilated Capillaries Removal

For the removal of dilated capillaries, spider naevi and small milia.

Keratoses Removal

For the treatment of keratosis and clogged pores.

Lesion Removal system useful for removing and treatment of the following conditions with low discomfort and minimal or no short-term scarring.

Milia, cholesterol deposits, senile warts, fibroma, inflamed pimples, skin tags, capillaries, cherry angiomas, clogged pores, spider naevi, sebaceous hyperplasia and sebaceous cysts. Treat dilated capillaries, small cherry angioma, spider naevi and small milia. Treat skin tags (with stalk), keratosis and large fibromas on the body. Treat keratosis on body areas, large hyperpigmentation and fibroma groups on the back, head, legs, etc.

Skin Management Club is a beautiful Medispa in Eatons Hill offering anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, deluxe pampering facials and professional skin treatments to correct specific skin concerns. We also provide laser hair removal with melanometer technology plus an extensive range of beauty treatments, brow and lash services, and cosmetic brow tattoo. Our highly trained and professional team are here to attend to your needs and love making your visit worth the short drive to Eatons Hill.