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Treatments and products that correct and control skin redness.
Facials, Treatments and Products for redness and sensitive skin

Best Facials & Skin Treatments for Redness Concerns

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Per Treatment
$ 199.00
Proven to be widely effective in treating sun-damage, hyperpigmentation, rosacea/redness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, immediately boosting cellular turnover and restoring a tight and plump appearance.

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Treatments and products that correct and control skin redness. At Skin Management Club, we believe in soothing the underlying cause of redness so there’s less need for make-up and more opportunity for confident, healthy-looking skin.

Medik8 - Calmwise™ Soothing Cleanser
Calmwise™ Soothing Cleanser

The science of correcting skin redness

We understand that redness-prone skin is more common than people realise and something of considerable concern to many. Flushing, sensitivity and uneven skin texture make it harder to be confident in your skin and are often concerns that make-up cannot completely disguise. That’s why, over a decade ago, the Medik8 brand was started with a single redness solution: our very first product, Calmwise™ Serum, which remains a best-seller to this day. Medik8's latest anti-redness creations are undoubtedly the best skin-calming formulas ever made.