Aftercare and Post Treatment Checklist for PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy 24-Hours Post-Treatment Aftercare Instructions

  1. Do not apply AHAs/BHAs or other acidic skincare to treatment area/s
  2. Do not apply Vitamin A products to treatment area/s
  3. Do not drink alcohol
  4. No exercise or physical activity

PRP Therapy 7-Days Post-Treatment Aftercare Instructions

  1. No excess sunlight or solariums
  2. No saunas or hot water (regular shower warmth is fine)
  3. No waxing or tinting in the treatment area/s
  4. No facial or neck massages
  5. No chemical peels
  6. Do not take aspirin, nurofen or anti-arthritis medications

Our blood is composed of four major components, including red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets.

Blood platelet cells have been proven to be rich in bioactive growth factors, proteins and cytokines which are responsible for initiating and regulating tissue repair. For example, if we find ourselves with a bleeding cut, it is actually the platelets within the blood that cause coagulation (clotting) to stop the bleeding. They then release their bioactive growth factors to repair the damaged tissue. Its' these restorative properties we are taking advantage of by injecting a patient's platelets back into their skin.

Your PRP Treatment Results

Most patients experience mild to moderate swelling in the treatment area due to the volume of fluid that is injected. It is also common to experience redness or feelings of heat as part of your platelets’ activation process. Bruising can also appear and may take several days to disappear. The immune system doesn’t consider the injected platelets as foreign, so therefore any reaction is usually mild and from the injection only.

Approximately 3 weeks after treatment, patients can expect to feel an improvement in their skin hydration, texture and tone. However, an increase in collagen production and the formation of new cells can take between 6 weeks and 3 months. When this occurs patients should see an overall skin rejuvenation effect which will continue to further improve gradually. In instances of thinning hair, after PRP injections hair in the area may become thicker and denser.

Most patients will require 3 treatments, every 4 to 6 weeks. Studies have shown that the results of PRP therapy can last up to 18 months. But because the injected product is 100% a product of your body, results may vary. Factors such as smoking, stress and illness can also effect results for this reason.

Important info regarding your PRP Treatment

Please follow our PRP Therapy 24-Hours & 7-Days Post-Treatment Aftercare Instructions to make the most of your PRP Treatment and post treatment recovery. Please ensure you have read and understand the post-appointment checklist.