Aftercare and Post Treatment Checklist for Waxing

How long does waxing last?

The amount of time waxing lasts ultimately depends on how quickly your hair grows in that body area. For example, a leg or arm wax may appear to last longer because the hairs there are already fine. Whereas the underarm or bikini area grows back faster because the hairs there are rather coarse and stubborn. Generally, we recommend returning every 4 - 6 weeks for a waxing appointment, to target the right part of the hair’s growth cycle.

Waxing Aftercare Instructions

You may experience temporary redness and minor irritation for a day or two after waxing. However, proper aftercare should minimise these symptoms quickly and avoid further irritation from occurring. This includes -

  1. Try to avoid tight clothing for a day or two to give your skin a chance to breathe and heal.
  2. Try to avoid excessive exercise, sweating and/or chaffing for about 24 hours after waxing. Especially since in areas that we sweat a lot (eg. bikini, lip and underarms) bacteria can grow and creep into the now open follicle.
  3. Avoid having a boiling hot shower, sauna or spa within 24 hours, as this will be felt by the sensitive open follicles and open them further to the possibility of infections. A normal, warm shower will be completely fine.
  4. Use a low irritant or antibacterial body wash on the areas to prevent infection.
  5. For 12-24 hours after waxing avoid products with fragrance or ingredients that may irritate and clog the open hair follicles. This includes deodorant, sunscreen and/or scented creams.
  6. Avoid direct sun exposure for 24 - 48 hours as the skin is sensitive and will likely burn more easily. Make sure to use SPF30+ when you are in the sun during the next few days following your appointment (and all the time really!).
  7. Try not to touch the freshly waxed area since this encourages irritation and infection.
  8. If facial waxing has been done, do not use exfoliants/acids/retinols/AHAs on the face for approx. 24-48 hours. The skin has been exfoliated during the waxing process and the new skin revealed is much more sensitive and open to irritation or minor chemical burn.
  9. Don’t forget to moisturise well with products that have little to no irritants. Tea tree and lavender oils are antimicrobial and antibacterial, so products including them will help prevent irritation.
  10. Exfoliate from 3 days after your appointment (NO SOONER), with a loofah, mitt, granular scrub or AHA products. Since our skin naturally hardens and thickens over the area that was waxed, keeping that area gently exfoliated will help prevent infection and ingrown hairs. Do this 1-2 times a week.
  11. Rebook for 4 - 6 weeks time

Make sure to use a non-irritating SPF30+ when you are in the sun in the days after your appointment

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